Why warm up?

15 Dec 2010 | Exercise

We all have different ideas of what a warm up should be and what it should consist of. 99% of people I see in the gym will come in, jump on a treadmill for 5mins and say that they are warmed up. I can’t argue that their bodies may be warm but have they really switch on and mobilized the muscles they are going to need for the workout. I would say no.

Firstly you need to think about how you are going to use your body in your workout. If you are going to run then you will need to mobilize your ankle, knee and hip joints and well as your spine. These are all very important components to effective running. By mobilize I don’t mean a static stretch. All my clients will go through a dynamic warm up. The movements will be based on what workout we are going to do and the client’s specific needs.

The warm up should always be dynamic (movement based). This will raise heart rate, help mobilize certain muscles and get them switched on ready for exercise. A basic example would be doing some body weight squats and lunges before a leg workout.

If done effectively a good warm up will make a big difference to your workout giving your greater range of motion and also hepling injury prevention.